Aims & Objectives

Our objective is to create a long-standing and good relationship with the community, existing emergency services and companies in our area. CERT will aid in improving the service provided by the various emergency departments and sense of security and safety within the community as a whole. Many aspects of community safety and security will receive attention and be optimized for the maximum benefit to the community. Factors that play a large role in improving the services delivery within the community include:

  • Fast effective emergency services activation: improve the publics access to emergency services, reduce emergency services response times. Saving time is saving lives. GOLDEN HOUR
  • Educating and Training the community: improve the effectiveness of fast emergency care by training community members in life-saving first responder courses and educating our communities in the steps to take in case of an emergency. Also to improve the general situational awareness of the public and their knowledge of the responsibilities of the emergency service departments and its role in the community.
  • Scholarship program and career development: Recruit new candidates from schools and other walks of life, to become the future Paramedics, firefighters, and Rescuers in our communities. By means of Scholarship programs and training courses, empower the scholar to learn and become a life-saver in his or her community, especially those that are previously disadvantaged and poor.
  • Community faith in our emergency services: Reunite and build stronger relationships between the community and the emergency services as a whole, by uplifting the general morale and reinstating the communities faith in our emergency services.
  • High operating standards and professionalism: Set a high-quality standard in the industry by having discipline and always being professional and not allowing politics among services to influence the standard of service rendered. By working together with all the different services and leading by example we will help other personnel to once again be proud of what they do and do it for the right reasons.