Community Emergency Response Team is committed to:

  • Providing high quality and professional emergency medical, fire, rescue and other support services to communities.
  • Ensuring our staff and volunteers are well trained, accredited, well presented and physically fit to perform their duties and operate optimally in any emergency situation.
  • Providing specialised services and intervention to industries and environments were specialised equipment and skill sets are required.
  • Offer fast effective emergency support and intervention during any type of emergency situation to all communities in and around our geographical services area and broader areas when required.
  • Providing specialised support service to the Police, Metro Police, Fire Department, EMS and all privately owned EMS and security companies and acting as a force multiplier during all kinds of emergency situations Medical, Fire, Rescue and Tactical.
  • Build a sustainable community upliftment program that develops our youth, educates underprivileged communities and actively partaking in the general growth and well being of our communities.
  • Providing emergency care to animals, protecting and saving, animals in distress and educating our communities and youth about how to take care of their pets.
  • Reaching out to youth in schools and identifying young people with an interest in career paths in the emergency services and helping them develop and offering scholarship programs.