We have several emergency services divisions in the Centurion, Pretoria East and surrounding areas.


Medical primary response vehicle equipped to deal with any medical emergency and stabilize patients until such time an ambulance arrives on scene.

CERT uses a preferred service provider ambulance emergency service and upon the dispatch of CERT to any medical emergency, there is an automatic activation of an ambulance and/or Advanced Life support paramedic as required.

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Tactical Medical

Tactical medical intervention is an additional service that CERT will be able to offer in hostile environments were prompt Medical intervention is required.

CERT medical personnel will be trained to be able to give medical support under fire. ( riots, active shootings and other hostile scenes).

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Fire & Rescue

CERT Personnel are able to give Fire & Rescue support services to other emergency department and aid in extrication, rescue, and Fire rescue situations.

CERT Personnel are equipped with fire and rescue gear, enabling our response officers to give aid and extra manpower on fire or rescue scenes.

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Animal Rescue

We offer emergency Medical and rescue services for animals in need.

CERT personnel will be trained in Veterinary First responder skills by an accredited Veterinary institution.

We work hand in hand with SPCA and other animal welfare organizations to ensure animals have access to emergency care.

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Trauma Support

Have you ever lost a loved one, in a traumatic event or event been traumatised in an accident of robbery… if you have you know how hopeless and scared one can feel when something traumatic happens to you or someone you care about. This is where our trauma support team comes in, they regularly offer their support to victims and loved ones while still on the scene.

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Training & Education

CERT-SA offers a verity of training courses which includes First Aid, CPR and AED courses, and offer a number of educational workshops witch aim to educate and train member of the community on what to do in an emergency situation and how to handle different emergency situations.

Our workshop program is aimed at empowering our local community and member of community forms such as the community police forms, and teach them basic skills they can apply in everyday live situations and when they are patrolling. Workshops may be client specific or can include some subjects as listed below.

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