Tactical Medical

Tactical medical intervention is an additional service that CERT will be able to offer in hostile environments were prompt Medical intervention is required.

CERT medical personnel will be trained to be able to give medical support under fire. ( riots, active shootings and other hostile scenes).

Become a CERT-SA volunteer

We are always looking for qualified medical, firefighting and rescue OR non-emergency trained or Support volunteers who are interested in joining Community Emergency Response Team to help make our community safer and save lives.

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CERT will be able to provide specialized tactical medical care and emergency evacuation of patient from hostile or dangerous scenes. Working closely alongside the South African Police Service, Metro Police and various security companies, we are able to enter hostile areas to provide emergency medical care and extrication.

Our Tactical medical division is still developing and our expertise growing to become a highly specialized unit, able to respond to any call for assistance by the community, police, or security companies where tactical medical intervention is required.


serving our community

Community Emergency Response Team is a registered public benefit organisation as well as a non profit organisation, we are therefore reliant on Supporters, donations, Sponsorships and partnerships to keep providing our services to the community. As CERT is registered with SARS, as a Public Beneficiary Organization, Tax Certificates are issued for all donations made. (PBO No. 930053425)

We solely rely on donations from the community and funding from corporate organisations. Without the support from the community we would not be able to offer our service and so we are continually in search of financial support. Community Emergency Response Team provides Medical, Fire, Rescue, Trauma support and animal rescue services free of charge to the community. The greatest challenge presented to CERT is having to rely on limited resources and that we are dependent on donation from the community and support from corporate entities.

There are several great opportunities for CERT to grow our operations and develop our different division into self-sustainable specialized services. We aim to grow our fleet and establish each of our different divisions to better serve the community by providing a broad spectrum, specialized emergency services. There are several ways you can make a donation to CERT, either by making an EFT, or through www.givengain.com or by signing up for a Monthly Debit Order.

Should you have any queries regarding donations please contact us on: 082 810 3332 or info@certsa.org.

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