Volunteer Details

All Medical, Fire Fighter, Rescue, Trauma Support and Animal Rescue volunteers will require the following minimum qualifications:

Medical: Minimum Required medical qualification of Basic Ambulance Assistance (BAA) and current registration with the HPCSA.
[Minimum requirement to be able to operate alone on any vehicle is Intermediate Life Support (ILS)]

Firefighter/Rescue: Minimum Required Firefighting/Rescue qualification of Firefighter 1and 2 with Hazmat awareness, Light and /or Heavy Motor vehicle Rescue.

Trauma support: Minimum Required qualification in trauma counselling/support or be an ordained chaplain with at least 6 months, post qualification experience.

Animal rescue: Minimum required qualification of First Aid level 2, and must have experience in working with sick or injured animals. Volunteers interested in helping with animal rescue, must be able to handle unpleasant situations when working with injured or sick animals. All emergency services volunteers must have a valid code 8/b or Code 10/C driver’s license (PDP-GP is recommended) animal rescue and trauma support volunteers must have a minimum of two years or normal driving experience and only volunteers with at least 4 years of experience in emergency responding/Operation of an emergency vehicle will be allowed to respond to incidents using red lights and/or sirens.

Support Volunteers
CERT needs all kind of volunteer support to help run the organization, so even if you are not a medic or
firefighter, there are a number of ways in which you could help:

  • General Help
  • Logistics, Fleet management
  • Marketing, Development and Fundraising and community out reach
  • Equipment services maintenance
  • Administrative duties, Media Liaison, Customer care and/or Contact Centre Agent.
  • Help organizing events and assist in running and/or managing projects.

Should you wish to get involved please contact us by emailing volunteer@certsa.org or complete the form.